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Arbor vitae Publishers

Arbor vitae has been operating on the book market from 1992. Our production focuses on the publication of art literature (monographs, catalogues, texts on art, architecture and design). During its twenty years of existence, Arbor vitae has published many outstanding books, many of them were awarded prestigious prizes both at home and at international book contests.


The interest in books by Arbor vitae has been growing locally as well as abroad, mainly in the USA and Canada. Some books, shortly after they are published, disappear from bookstores and are unavailable for readers.


Opening the new internet bookstore should fill this demand for art books by Arbor vitae. We offer current titles but also books which came out many years ago and cannot be obtained in regular shops anymore (Golden Collection). The unique aspect of the offer is a financial savings on most of the books ranging from 15 to 30 %.


The publishing house divides its production into several series – the De Arte series, with 30 titles to date, publishes diaries, essays, sentences and memoires of outstanding Czech and international painters, sculptors and architects, while the Texts on Architecture series comprises the essential works of Czech and international thinking about architecture. The Vera Effigies series presents textual monographs of important artists from the turn of the 20th century (such as Karel Hlaváček, Alfred Kubin, Arnold Schönberg, Edvard Munch). The Louisa series publishes fairy tales and legends illustrated by contemporary Czech painters and graphic artists and the AV series offers poetry, fiction and literary essays accompanied by illustrations.


The monographs and catalogues of Czech and international artists have won many awards: the Most Beautiful Book, Gloria Musaealis, Magnesia Litera, prize of the Czech Literary Fund's Foundation for cultivation of the Czech book market and a bronze medal for the Most beautiful Books of the World. Exhibitions, with large catalogues and monographs, organized by Arbor vitae in important both Czech and abroad galleries have been visited by tens of thousands of people.


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